Patent Hypocrisy

ONE way to deflect scorn from a favoured European tax scam is to point the finger elsewhere. Sunnier stops on the hot money merry-go-round, for example.

Fringe Benefits

THERE’S a saying in Liverpool: If you look too hard into the past of every developer that comes along, nothing would ever get built.

Charitable Taking

The charity sector must act following revelations of rising executive pay and widespread use of unpaid interns.

Liverpool Waters: Chinese Takeaway

BACK-SCRATCHING continues in Murkeyside, where the Peel Group and Mayor “Uncle” Joe Anderson believe that Chinese money will come flooding into Liverpool and rejuvenate the city.

Pupil-led Schooling

LOOKING beyond the divisions of Left and Right, only a more flexible system of education can provide the space for young people to pursue their talents.

Why Joint European Votes Are Bad for Wildlife

POLAR BEARS are the latest victim of European “democracy”, with the EC failing to ban hunts for fear of offending resource-rich Arctic states